NFL Schedule Week 2

Sunday Night – Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

Sunday night ends with a bang as we get the Packers heading south to battle the Falcons. These two are easily some of the best teams in the NFC and that will be apparent during this game. Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan will go toe to toe in what could be an early season playoff preview. Would anyone be surprised if these two met in the NFC Conference Championship this winter? I certainly wouldn’t.

Keys to the Game


Protect Rodgers and let him do his thing. Look, everyone knows that the Packers struggle to run the football, so let’s not pretend otherwise. The ball is going to be in Rodgers’ hands and he’s going to be the make or break for Green Bay most of the year — especially against teams like Atlanta. The Pack will need good performances from players like Randall Cobb and Davante Adams who have gone ghost at times during the last few seasons. Jordy Nelson can’t do it all, try as he might.


The Falcons will run away with this one if they can contain Jordy Nelson. The other Green Bay wide receivers have already proven that they can’t be counted on to carry the load and the Green Bay running game is less than potent. Jordy and Rodgers are the offense for the Packers. The easiest way to do that is not only bracketing Jordy in coverage, but getting pressure off the edge with Vic Beasley and company. Rodgers may be terrific on the run, but he can only do so much on his own.